Postcards from New York

Postcards from New York

My wardrobe is wildly innapropriate for the psychedelic temperatures here in New York.

Die hard City dwellers are shocked at the frozen winds that howl at dawn… it’s like an instant face lift. One’s face freezes. Old people all look like Miley Cyrus… So, in many ways it’s spectacular. But not really.

The streets are empty…  an occasional stooped, scurrying human will slide by… Starbucks, however takes precedence. Unbowed and black clad, I stride to get my 32 shots of espresso. Today I shall shop with my dear friend and fashion consultant Michael H. Vanity comes before discomfort my dears…

Shop til you elevate…

Decorate yourself.

new boots

I can tell if it works if I leave the store wearing the item!!! Often I leave what I was wearing behind. Not today though. I started the day in a tremendous outfit. Shallow is the new deep.

I passed a mother with a new baby. They were surrounded by admiring strangers. I became jealous of the innocent child’s audience. What’s to become of me? My therapist is you guys. Much love from the optimystic humble exhibitionist!!

Today was an extreme close up. I will return to NY on February 8th to walk the runway for Fashion Week for the brilliant designer Raif Adelberg.

When asked if I’d ever done runway before, I replied, “Whole foods is a fucking run way to me.”

It seemed to ring a bell!!


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