view from atop the Bowery Hotel in NYC

A magical day ending a very accomplished week.

Made some money for the disenfranchised victims of “Sandy.” Met a terrific designer, Raif Adelberg, who I will return and do the runway dance at Fashion week!!! Yes, at last the runway!!..

Set up a couple gigs here. I’ve really got off on the ass biting cold.. Something about it gave me a buzz…

playback… payback… Union Jack

I met the lauded new painter Domingo Zapata’s crew. Fascinating smart young people.

Spent time with my second family. The Goldbergs and my brilliant painter/couturier rock and roll friend Michael H

Hit the gym. Ate good, wrote and recorded a new duet with Roger Greenawalt and Anya Marina.Now… Cali, have my birthday dinner with Britta and kick ass on Saturday night at the Viper Room.

I love you… and your incredible support of my shenanigans!!

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