Hi everyone.

I’m back back in Cali for a little bit… love my girl… love my town…love my car… love my cat, my house…

But I love to travel, and travel I must.

I sat next to a couple in their late 70′s on the plane. They held hands wordlessly for the whole flight. So comforting and familiar…

I read Lewis Macadams extraordinary book, “Birth of the Cool,” a brilliant analysis of that much maligned word, from the Beats, be-bop, rock and roll to the American Avant Garde… Satre,Duchamp, Brando, Kerouac, Pollock, Miles Davies…heroin and cigarettes. Magnificent. Highly recommended…Inspiring…as are you.

Please investigate this web site. I think it will amuse and entertain you. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

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