Reagan Richards and Michael Des Barres

New York was the first city I landed in when I came to the good ol’ U.S.A, which would become my home for the next 40 years.

I have deep affection for this mad city. I can’t wait to play and evoke those early days of me and Johnny Thunders arm in arm, staggering the city’s decadent streets. Johnny and his band epitomised a new breed.

Now, I am here again with renewed piss and vinegar to play for you and give you everything I’ve got…


All hail the Electric Church!

Experience Michael Des Barres and his supercharged band as they bring the fire and fury to the Bowery Electric in New York City the night of March 7th.

Mark Bosch – guitar
Winston Roye – bass
Brian Delaney – drums
Michael Houghton – vocals and percussion
Reagan Richards – vocals and percussion

Emerging and totally unique artist Kay Kasparhauser will be opening with her ukelele and a few tricks up her sleeve!

Thursday, March 7
Doors at 7:30
327 Bowery @ Joey Ramone Place 

Tickets available now at

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