As the snow falls gently on Manhattan streets, I think of my relationship with New York.

As a child, it embodied every cinematic dream of a mythical land that I have lived in since 1974. The abrupt charm and neon personality,the plain spoken truth and resignation to life’s challenges, is deeply entrenched in it’s sidewalks and sky scraping castles and has captured me.

Rehearsal today… a serious solo on the 9th floor as the wind howls it’s frozen cries, like Allen Ginsberg, a coke and fries. America the Brutiful…Transparent,no disguise..!!

Tonight I will play in one of this magnificent cities rock and roll clubs,the Bowery Electric…!

I could not be more electrified and excited. I hope those of you who come will feel the same. I suspect you will!

Much love, my friends… please come and say hello after the Rockalypse!!

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