Michael Des Barres Rocks the Bowery Electric in NYC

Michael Des Barres Rocks the Bowery Electric in NYC

Not even a New York City snowstorm could keep fans away from the Bowery Electric last night as Michael Des Barres and his impeccable band set the night on fire. Because though it was freezing outside, it was sure hot and sticky on the inside.

“The show had a particular energy since we only had three hours the day before to get acquainted,” says Michael. “The spontaneity and carefree rock and roll DNA glued the magic and mayhem together. It was a crazy, luscious night of hip swinging, metaphysical entertainment.”

Opening with Silverhead’s “Hello New York” and barnstorming through the hits from the Michael’s new album “Carnaby Street,” the stripped-down set was powerful and raw. With Mark Bosch on guitar, Winston Roye on bass, Brian Delaney on drums, and Michael Houghton and Reagan Richards on backing vocals, the the band was tight and the air was electric.

Tim Sommer was in the audience last night, and felt compelled to post his thoughts about Michael Des Barres on Facebook. “Every musician can learn from him — he makes every single person in the room feel as if the evening is just for them, and he has a kind word for every fan, club employee, and DJ. Regardless of the type of music you play, that sort of thing goes a LONG way. He also BRINGS IT on stage, and never takes a show or a measure of a song for granted. Whether you play Williamsburg art rock or Sunset Strip cock rock, he is a great model.”

Photographer Dina Regine was on hand to capture the spectacle of this monumental gathering of The Electric Church. Check out her stunning pics along with some fantastic fan photos and snaps of Michael’s New York adventures in the gallery below.

















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