The latest issue of Elmore Magazine has a fantastic review of Michael Des Barres’ recent show at the Bowery Electric in New York City. Written by Sharmila Tredger, the review beautifully captures the spirit of this special East Coast gathering of the Electric Church.

On Friday, March 8th, The Bowery Electric was at full capacity and braced itself for a Nor’easter on the outside of its brick lined walls, while the heat was turned way up on the inside. Michael Des Barres rocked the stage and rolled his fingers across the neck of his Les Paul P90, as members of The Electric Church danced to the electrified lyrical praises. Des Barres, recurring star of McGyver and front man for bands, such as Detective, Silverhead and PowerStation, to name a few of the seventeen he’s played in, is as kinetic and intense on stage as he is off.


New York City’s Rock Punk Couture designer and musician, Michael Houghton and the alarmingly talented Reagan Richards, emblazoned with a Union Jack bustier and hand painted lips, accompanied Des Barres on vocals. Guitarist, Mark Bosch, drummer, Brian Delaney and bassist, Winston Roye, unleashed the beast with their gravitational guitar licks and demolishing drum surges. Before Des Barres took to the stage, the 1-800-Band and Charm School submerged themselves within the four walls of The Bowery Electric and engulfed the room with the hard edge sounds of punk rock scented with a hint of The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Blondie. Kay Kasparhauser, brought the tone down with her mellow inflections and a quirky version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s, “Call Me Maybe”.


The esteemed rockers kicked rock and roll on its backside with a set list that should be set in concrete and displayed on the streets of New York City, with an inscription saying “Rock Lives Here”. Opening up with a Silverhead favorite, “Hello New York” and leading right into “Carnaby Street” was just the beginning of this outer body rock experience that the Electric Church goers witnessed. A brief intro with Des Barres and Bosch having a moment as Des Barres places his hand on Bosch’s shoulder set the stage for “You’re My Painkiller.  The night intensified, as Des Barres proclaimed his love for each and every living soul in attendance, as he reached out into the darkness of the crowd to pull these souls of rock and roll into the light to share the lyrical altar. The Electric Church has been anointed with the sounds of pure, raw static and Michael Des Barres has yet again checked in and delivered a crown performance.




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