Roots and Branches with Michael Des Barres

Michael Des Barres’ brand new radio show, Roots and Branches, premieres today on the online radio station Transcend Radio. The weekly half-hour show airs Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:30pm PST. Simply click to listen. 

The overall theme of Roots and Branches is “Finding peace in a violent world through exploration of the lineage and history of rock and roll.” In just half an hour, Michael Des Barres takes us on a rock n’ roll road trip, opening our eyes to inspiration and connection — the roots and branches of all music.

The theme for this first show is “Peace in Action,” Says Michael, “I believe in peace, but I don’t believe in peace on your couch, eating Cheetos… peace is not a passive stance, it is action. It’s like a pebble in a lake, and the ripples will grow.” Michael also performs a rare acoustic version of his song, “Hot ‘n Sticky,” which you won’t want to miss.

Click on the logo to listen To coincide with the radio show, Michael has released an original new song through the Transcendental Music label, “Life is Always Right,” which can be downloaded here via  iTunes.

Transcend Radio was officially launched earlier this month by the David Lynch Foundation, which also runs the charity record label Transcendental Music.

Says David Lynch, “The artists who share their music will spread much happiness with their music alone and, at the same time, support programs that take away suffering and bring bliss to lots of people. When you download these tracks, you’ll not only get to enjoy some great music, but you’ll also know you are going to bring happiness to someone somewhere in the world.”

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