How grateful I am to awake in my own bed and not a tent in an arid land of confusion and barbarity, clutching a weapon with dreams of honor still driving me to stay alive.”Why are we here” he says.”I don’t know” says his friend.

Visions of freedom upheld by these young men and women; no greater sacrifice can be made. Our friends and family fight for all kinds of freedom. Equality and tolerance. Community. Care for the elderly and the brutalised, and most of all for the fallen in foreign lands.

Let the sun shine warm the hearts of the cold-hearted and the cynics drowning in bitterness, the eye-rolling elitists too fearful to let go.

The ghosts of the fallen will be at your BBQ. Memorialise their sacrifice… mustard, ketchup and compassion. Much love to the warriors of Liberty and freedom. Thank you for your sacrifice..

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