So many of my friends are dealing with physical, medical issues. I’m sure many of you guys are experiencing the same. I know that one’s attitude to the dilemma is crucial, which is such an obvious tree hugging statement, of course. However,never a truer word was spoken.

All the leading doctors and healers concur that the right energy during these challenging times for your loved ones and yourself must be supplemented with positive energy. Everything I’ve ever learned has come from ostensible misfortune and physical immobilising pain. My shallow character has deepened so much with the awareness of our fragility.

As Dr. Martin Luther King said, “It’s not how long you live, but how you live.”. I intend on living longer than the vampire Lestat. Don’t get me wrong… just get me! I am prepared for anything!

Therefore, much love to the caregivers of whom we all will be… if we are not already.

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