As part of the David Lynch Foundation’s Transcend Radio Network on Live365, TMusic presents “Life is Always Right” by Michael Des Barres. The song is exclusively available via iTunes with all profits going to support the David Lynch Foundation programs.

Download via iTunes atΒ

Watch the brand-new video for “Life Is Always Right,” directed by Carrie Certa:

Michael Des Barres is a radio DJ for the newly launched charitable radio network, Transcend Radio. His show Roots and BranchesΒ provides listeners with a way to find peace in a violent world by exploring the lineage and history of rock and roll. From the roots of musicalΒ authenticity, archetypal themes emerge and influences twist and turn in upon themselves to be re-born within the ever-reaching branches of modern music.

The Roots and Branches series can be heard every Tuesday & Friday afternoons at 4:30 — 5pm PST at

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