Pink clouds with silver linings swagger into view this morning!

Today I rehearse “Roots and Branches” for The Joint Studios. We debut tomorrow at noon and the self-created, celebrated Slim Jim Phantom will be our guest.

In a fevered whirlwind I have written/collaborated on some 16 new songs for my next album… my best ever. I suppose one always thinks the newest are best… if you’re lucky! I will rehearse them this afternoon.

Tonight I rehearse for the opening night party for REDS 2 on Thursday (the day of my second MDB show “Roots & Branches” from 3-5pm, which you can also watch on REDS 2 is the terrific sequel to the Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren,  and Anthony Hopkins spy comedy. I shall sing crowd-pleasing songs for celebratory executives as they consume vodka and red bulls, creating another sleepless night for those who live looking over their shoulder for the axe to fall. God bless them and you on this action packed day.

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