Aren’t we all exhausted by the blatant exploitation of our consumerist selves? Are we alive merely to make the rich richer?

The unabashed lies that advertising thrusts into our homes. Food injected with addictive poison, ballooning our impressionable population to potential fatalality. Drugs for issues that a kiss could solve. Deviant fools running for office. Blood drenched entertainment to sublimate our anger at institutions that have failed the good people of this country.

We are at war with the greed and barabarism of the the invisible foe who glide above us in their private jets, their impotent souls oblivious to the changes that will inevitably come.

“Let them eat cake!” cries the real housewife from Dante’s Inferno. “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” said the first superstar.

The revolution cannot be won with a gun or cynicism or judgement. The revolution is next door. Community and service, compassion and laughter.

Fear is so uncool. I love you.

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