Hello my friends… another quadraphenic day of wearing a dozen hats. The wrong hat, of course can ruin your day!

I so appreciate your support. I’m knee deep in gratitude in the pre-dawn darkness before the city explodes.

It is impossible to ignore the terrible violence and seemingly insurmountable problems we face as a culture. My resolution, solution to the turmoil is to entertain, appreciate and care for everyone who crosses my path.

Of course it sounds like a hallmark greeting card, a self righteous cliche… but if I don’t tell myself this, I will be enveloped by the ever increasing fear and hopelessness. The competitive, judgmental dangerous, nonsense that surround us. It’s more contagious than the common cold, the smug liberal or the self-righteous conservative.

One love, one heart… we are each other, make no mistake.

Much love today… make it count.

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