In the playground of show business, we live on a diet of applause and rejection. I have learned to not define myself by being told “NO.” Your belief in your ability cannot be swayed by those who are viewing you through prejudicial eyes… too tall, too short, too pretty, not pretty enough, too rough, too smooth, too young, too old… blah, blah, blah. You are meat, product to a mostly unimaginative bunch. For the most part (and parts), obvious archetypes are required. Most of these bureaucratic choices have no bearing on your talent.

You are unique! There is no one like you. Do not submit your joy or confidence in what you do! Remain undaunted and able. Watch movies, read great books. Study human behavior. Love the process. Never think that the job lost was the greatest opportunity that will ever come your way. Nonsense. As in a great performance, be as present for it as you are present in your life, and you will be fulfilled. This also applies whatever you do for a life worth living!

Much love to hard, confident, loving workers in all professions.

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