A delightful dinner party high above the city lights, twinkling like the classic opening shot of every LA movie ever made. As we arrived, our hostess, a lean filmmaker, carried some food out to two gargantuan coyotes she had named and known for years, “Caesar” and some unpronounceable Chinese endearment.

Thus began an evening with majestic food cooked by a beautiful girl of indeterminate ethnicity. One felt healthier and smarter after eating the first bite! Tibetan bells were banged and droned their calming energy around the eccentric collection of Angelenos. A rock n roll personality, a production designer, a yoga teacher, a brilliant blog writer and web designer, his wife’s joie de vivre punctuating the cerebral vibe with raucous bursts of laughter. She was the greatest audience I’ve ever had!

Humor gave the evening an air of objectivity. Woody Allen’s cynicism for LA hung in the air, but Wes Anderson’s smart compassion won the night. It’s been a long time since a dinner party has been so much fun.

Good morning my friends… entertain each other today.

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