The Chateau Marmont in LA on the famed sunset strip is notorious for it’s scandals, it’s stardom and it’s elitist, lofty, landmark status. Spending an hour or two there last night reminded me how apprehensive and doubtful the fabric of Hollywood really is. There were better “performances” from actors at the event than they’ve ever given on screen!

It felt like everyone was auditioning for a part they would not get. It’s so punishingly difficult to maintain authenticity at these gatherings. What do you say when one says, “How are you?” and they launch into a resume of careerist self congratulation, smoking electric cigarettes and looking over your shoulder.

Despite this seemingly flimsy atmosphere, I understand the transitory nature of fame and I have enormous empathy for those who have forgotten those childhood dreams of theatrical delight and the love of the work. Another powerful lesson learned high above the city lights.
The only true, credible, satisfying achievement is in the doing… not the results. What a mad and wonderful profession it is! Much love to all who wear the grease paint and long for the roar of the crowd…!!!

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