Crack the whip at the crack of dawn… caffeinated revelations aplenty! I just celebrated my 66th, but I feel twenty!

Good morning perserverists. My body of work has a low fat content! I suppose one of the most encouraging words I could say this morning is “yes,” and it is powerful . “No” without thinking is fear, and “maybe” should be stricken from your vocabulary completely!

Be certain, be flexible, beΒ collaborative. To paraphrase the great philosophers Mick and Keith, “I can get satisfaction.” Satisfaction in knowing that as you change, the world changes. Have a beautiful day in this simple world. A world made complex and indecipherable by doubt and greed.

Today my extraordinary interview with Melanie Griffith airs (3pm PST on and I’m off to play “rock stars” with my old friend Gene Simmons. We’ve done the research… I think we’ll get it right!

Much love…!!

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