I’m not a stranger in a strange land. We are all the same wherever we land.

The secret is an outstretched hand.

The desire to understand the differences, the similarities.

From mud huts to mansions, lives are lived in tandem. Love sought, love discarded. Compassion healing every wound. Sadness and loss. Joy and accomplishment.

These experiences do not differ from either the undiscovered, indigenous tribes in the darkest forests to the teeming streets of Shanghai, 5th avenue and Beverly Hills. Now is the time to unite and consolidate the notion of one endangered world.

Every time I interview someone on my show, or interact anywhere, the greatest lesson I have learned is that the experiences of our lives are the same. “Who am I?” “Where do I fit in..?” “How do I find happiness?”

The same question is asked by every living soul.

We can begin the transformation by aiding each other to put these pieces together… together!

Empathy is liberation from your own confusion.

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