ROOTS & BRANCHES – EPISODE 26 – Exploring the musical influences of The Beatles. Amongst all of the excitement and celebration around the 50th anniversary of The Beatles arrival in America, we decided, in our unique Roots & Branches fashion, to explore the musical influences of these four men and the experiences that led them to create the music that is so much a part of our collective culture. Throughout this episode, you will hear from John, Paul, George and Ringo in their own words about the music that shaped their lives, and therefore ours. I am deeply moved by the audience response to this show, and so very happy that we can all come together over our love of the Fab Four.

Roots & Branches with Michael Des Barres is a weekly exploration of the lineage and history of modern music, discovering unexpected inspiration and connection between music past and present. From the roots of musical authenticity, archetypal themes emerge and influences twist and turn, re-born within the ever-reaching branches of modern music.

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