Impulse and instinct. Either way, I trust them both. There’s nothing to lose, for I can choose anything and everything as long as I know that everything is done for us not me.

“The greater good” is a dangerous phrase in the avaricious hands of those who control the economy of this corporate planet we live on. Whereas the true nature of “the greater good” is about equality and justice.

I witnessed a revolting display of elitist arrogance while dining last night. A sleek, slick, rich robot belittled a busboy like some plantation owner wearing a Tom Ford suit. Of course I Impulsively called him out and then began an epic confrontation. I eviscerated his ugliness with words like razor blades at his throat. He slunk back to the humiliated girl at his table.

I don’t feel good about it. I despair for the elitism displayed, the humanity betrayed by this impotent fool. God bless him! My salad was delicious and the busboy, the staff and I laughed about it.

But still… a change is coming in 2014.

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