What a fun, frivolous night last night… with some moving moments, of course. Ellen, her usual glib, with a brilliant selfie. A wonderful, laser-beam speech from Lupita Nyoung’o, who clearly is this year’s precocious superstar a-la an unedited Jennifer Lawrence (who seems to have a glamorous form of tourettes). Gravity‘s technology. Marty bored… Weinstein’s seen it all before…. Angie stunning. Sidney noble. Matthew’s metaphysical ramble, Jared’s otherworldly articulate observations. U2, the biggest stars in the room and an exceptional Pink. You see, even the wonderfully self-satisfied Kevin Spacey really wants to be a rock star.

Hooray for Hollywood. Whatever happened to F.Murray Abraham and Adrien Brody? Food for thought, perhaps, at the banquet of stardom. Much love to all who have the balls to endure the bullshit to get a good performance before you croak.

Good morning, my loves. You win… every time!

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