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Love Letter #1 from Michael Des Barres… June 1, 2014
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At the airport today… off to Rome!
I am so delighted to be the new DJ in Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM Radio Channel 21. Join me every weekday from 5am – 8am Pacific and again from 9pm – Midnight Pacific.
Me and Max… I’m going to miss him!
Don’t forget to VOTE on June 3! Marianne Williamson is running for Congress in California District 33 and on a mission to get corporate money out of our politics. I recently conducted a fascinating interview with Marianne — click here to watch.
My dear friends and lovers,

I’m leaving for Rome today to record a new album with my dear friends Nigel Harrison, producer Bob Rose, and some amazing new musicians. To create rock ‘n roll in Europe again after twenty-eight years of not being there is very exciting. In this city that ruled the world, a magic, secret, historic place will inspire another mad adventure for me and my fellow electric friends.

Hosting Little Steven’s Underground Garage and playing music for you every weekday morning and evening these last few months have been tremendous fun and inspiring beyond belief. Listening to authentic rock ‘n roll, the music uncluttered and real, will inform what is going to explode out of my heart and beat below my waist!

We will record songs with every color of the rainbow in the grooves of the imaginary vinyl that we’ve come to acknowledge as the holy grail of rock ‘n roll. We will not make a retro record… we will make a record that is as clean, dirty and spectacular as it was yesterday, is today, and will be tomorrow.

This album will be for those with an open heart and an open mind, and for those who want to dance, kiss, shed a tear and feel something in this crazy world that needs so badly to love again. It’s all about love and connection. Fun, joy and above all the courage to take on the world, embrace it, never judge it, and see the similarities in each other — not the differences!!

I am so looking forward to playing in your town and your living rooms, in your bedrooms and in your hearts. I’ll take you with me… your love and support will drive this album down the golden road of rock ‘n roll. Many photos and clips will, of course, appear right here in my weekly missives to you. You will be able to hear my radio show in Little Steven’s Underground Garage every day. I will speak to you and play music for you from my hotel room overlooking the Coliseum! What a beautiful experience that will be.. and staying in touch with you guys will inspire every note of every song.

Much love from your humble servant,



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