Love Letter #2… June 8, 2014


My dear friends and lovers,

Every morning, I devour the secrets and majesty of the Eternal City. Waking up in an atmosphere of history and power, art and passion… the city is overflowing with inspiration. The one constant is the love of life, food, and most importantly, each other.

The members of my band, Nigel Harrison, Clive Deamer and Dani Robinson, along with our producer Bob Rose, are intrinsically connected, their experience and great music going hand in hand. Passion and pragmatism makes for great records, my friends! Discipline and joy all at the same time. A cocktail of rock brimming over the golden cup in my hand…yes, my cup doth runneth over!

Away from the familiar, I keep you all closer in my heart, and therefore, I sing my ass off not for glory but for the joy of it. The universe allows me this power, this energy whose source is fueled by the sheer love of doing it. This music is the most raw and simple I have ever played. Nothing extraneous. Every kiss counts, as it were!

I send you much love from Roma.. My  Underground Garage shows on Sirius XM Radio continue to inspire and entertain me, and (hopefully) you guys. I get a daily hit of brilliant songs and artists… I will not fall short of that.

Ciao, my friends… love yourself!


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