A love letter from Michael Des Barres… June 16, 2014


My dear friends and lovers,

This week, I have been thinking about how art and relationships intertwine. What is it that makes love and art coalesce? Faith and respect? Trust and compassion? Yes, all of these… but “chemistry” remains the word we use most often, simply because what we are discussing here is an intangible, a mystery.

Chemistry is the mystery we attempt to conjure up in the moments where we really need it! It is also that mystery that keeps passion alive, in both art and love. Enigma and secrets are not to be underestimated.

Of course we want to explore each and every angle and every heartbeat of our lover. We also want to crawl inside of a painting and wait there until we understand it, relate to it. We want to live inside of every note of every song. However, it is the constant search that keeps passion and love alive. Constantly shifting and growing, and having the divine blessing of all responsible to maintain the relationship through the myriad of feelings we experience.

Be alert and pay attention. Take nothing for granted. Be grateful for the similarities and disdainful of the differences. Much love to my brothers and sisters on the road to righteousness!

Ciao, my friends… love yourself!


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