Recording at Forum Studios

Recording at Forum Studios

We are recording at the incredible Forum Studios in Rome, Italy. A magnificent, huge room, it’s patrons have included Enrico Morricone and his magnificent work with Sergio Leone, Morrisey, Luciano Pavarotti and many others. Essentially built for orchestras it’s vastness is perfect for the big and loud music we are creating. The studio is full of Italian movie memorabilia — Fellini, Bertolucci — and ancient cameras. Truly inspiring.

Now we, a motley bunch of rock and rollers, are let loose in this heavenly haven. What a fantastic world this is, if you want it to be. God bless all those who let everything come to them and don’t try and grab it. I have worked for decades in the demanding soul elevating, ego crushing world of show business. Today I have never been happier, stronger or more grateful.

Much love..

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