A love letter from Michael Des Barres… June 23, 2014


My dear friends and lovers,

I have threatened my life in so many ways. Carelessly throwing all caution to the wind in the grand adventure of life. Today, I am not careless. Today I am care full! Careful not to hurt or compromise. Careful to listen. Careful not to judge, condemn, or compare.

Be mindful of others feelings. Acquiesce even when faced with bullshit. Choose the right moment, not the impulsive one. Life is not short or long. Life is now. This second. You either own that moment or are owned by it.

Everyone is special, and the more beauty you see in others, the more beauty grows inside of you. We are the same, you see. All of us are reflections of each other. Like the biggest and most popular band in the world. So, my colleagues and converts to the Electric Church… plug in and play with me! One, two, three, four!!!

Ciao, my friends… love yourself.


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