A love letter from Michael Des Barres… July 14, 2014
My dear friends and lovers,
There is a very clear metaphor in the relationship between my exploration and understanding of the Roman Empire, its rise, fall and ultimate, timeless resurrection in a different form.Β I am rediscovering rock ‘n roll in the same way. I am the ancient rock ‘n roll equivalent of a golden age. I loved being a part of the Genesis, the beginnings of the revolution that conquered the world.
“If Julius Caesar were Jimi Hendrix” would be a glib but correct comparison as weΒ embarked on a timeless investigation of Rome in all it’s antiquities, subtleties and barbarism.Β The rock ‘n roll comparison became more and more obvious as I struggled to reinvent, simplify and manifest a new way of singing and writing.Β Using the traditions I’ve used for decades and making them relevant to how I feel today was my quest, hence the metaphysical equation of ancient Rome with contemporary Rome — music for the people now honoring our magnificent forebears.
It has been an adventure of both spiritual and physical growth, a daunting task indeed. The results will be for you to investigate in the album we will release in 2015.

With much love and appreciation of your continued support,


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