A love letter from Michael Des Barres… July 20, 2014
My dear friends and lovers,

After the bubble of brilliance and the deep pleasure and experience gained from my time-traveling trip, I’ve come back to Earth with a thud — a reality check of disproportionate feelings. On one hand are delight and a sense of wonder and disbelief at the accomplishment of finishing an album that we are so proud of, and on the other, realizing the world in all its potential beauty is taking a turn towards the sci-fi horror of an apocalyptic energy. Ego and nationalism. Oil and water. Love versus greed. Competing belief systems. War over whose god is God. Madness. Barbarism. Keystone terrorists and politics before morality.
I am not a naive man, I have experienced colossal duplicity by those in charge of this world. But… no one is in charge. We are equal, the same. Those who make our policies are so compromised by the equation and framework of a world built on the flimsy premise of economic growth. Soul growth is the only evolutionary path that will lift us out of our compromised fragility.Β We must begin to embrace each other. Work in our immediate communities and in so doing, throw the pebble of freedom into the lake of confusion and watch the ripples spread.
My heart alternately aches at the suffering and soars at this creative moment I am experiencing. I send much love to all who recognize the need for personal transformation necessary to love oneself and to see ourselves in everyone we meet. We are one. We are not divided by archaic fables of God and man. We are here on Earth to preserve it for our children… not to destroy it.

With much love and appreciation of your continued support,



One last glimpse of Rome… concentration in the studio… ancient, Kubrikian monoliths… and memories from the past not quite as distant —Β performing at Live Aid in Philadelphia with The Power Station, July 13, 1983
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