A love letter from Michael Des Barres… July 27, 2014

My dear friends and lovers,

If ever there was a time for concentratedย loveย and focused understanding of where we are headed in this nonfunctioning culture of ours, it is now.

How can we make a difference, you ask? By holding each other physically and metaphorically, by assisting those around you, by caring enough that the magic energy needed to heal this incomprehensible mess can manifest. We can’t fly towards compromised countries, we can’t fly to crime scenes and fix this horrible mess. We can pray. The power of prayer can combat the combative.

The word “prayer” is not some trivial concept. It is the most soulful weapon we have to fight fire with water. Extinguish barbarism and this divided brutal system that has been created by greed and fear. We are not all good guys or bad guys. The whole notion of white hats and black hats is a childhood fantasy. We are either awake or asleep. Peace in action my friends.

With much love and appreciation of your continued support,



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