Michael Des Barres Interviews Weird Al Yankovic at Home

Michael Des Barres Interviews Weird Al YankovicIn this recent interview, the biggest-selling comedy recording artist in history Weird Al Yankovic opens up his home and heart to Michael Des Barres for a truly unique, in-depth conversation. Taking Michael on a tour of his home, Al shares his feelings about his incredible life and career, shows Michael his home studio where all the magic happens, and even takes Michael into his closet to show off his legendary Hawaiian shirt collection.

Weird Al Yankovic’s new album, “Mandatory Fun” is number one on the Billboard chart this week. Over the past three decades, the self-proclaimed “pop culture Cuisanart” has won three Grammys and countless awards for classics like “Eat It,” “Like a Surgeon,” “Smells Like Nirvana,” and now his fourteenth studio release is the first comedy album to reach the number one spot since 1963.

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