A love letter from Michael Des Barres… August 4, 2014


My dear friends and lovers,

My favorite place to be is in a club with a few hundred people, a microphone and a band. Nothing satisfies me like playing live, rock ‘n roll music live. From the very first moment I stood onstage and looked at your eager faces with sweat on your brows, lust in your hips and stars in your eyes, I have been hungry for the challenge of turning you on. The reciprocal, transformative energy is a reward like no other.Nothing beats this, my brothers and sisters… this is the most cathartic, magical adventure that one could possibly experience. Each show is a new relationship created in a moment of chaos and focus, disciplined spontaneity… loud, gentle, powerful and perfect.

The most important thing is to be in love with music, not in love with adulation, money or glory. Anyone can experience this. It’s about telling the story of rock ‘n roll with your soul through your eyes hands and heart. Potentially, any band on any given night can be the greatest rock band in the world. Never forget that, musicians…  and for all of you who are in that seething audience, know thatthis is a a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best one-night stand you ever had!

In February, 2015 I will hit the road in support of my new album. I cannot wait for the  sweat to drip down my face and to be transported into a world that has been my home for many years. I know it well! The tedium of travel and the triumph of a great show, all rock and rolled into an experience to be enjoyed and to be grateful for, entertaining you — my friends old and new — all over the world. Come see me and say hello.

With much love and appreciation for your continued support,


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