A love letter from Michael Des Barres… August 12, 2014
What a fantastic week it’s been. Every corner I turn, I bump into someone wonderful. Perhaps the mass malaise is lifting, our spirits making a comeback… like a fighter on the ropes, coming back to life and knocking his opponent sideways with a glorious uppercut of soul. Metaphoric boxing… a new Olympian event!

I hope you all are thriving. I always felt the word “survivor” had a certain, uncertain fragility to it. “Plucky,” for instance, I have always believed to be a diminishing description. Courage is love. Bravery is compassion. Service to others is the highest high!

My radio shows continue to excite me — see below for a special excerpt — and I look so much forward to doing them. Your responses have been inspiring and much appreciated. Also, the Q&A with Bobby Hart at the screening of “The Guys Who Wrote ‘Em” at the Don’t Knock the Rock film festival was truly amazing. 85 million records were sold by Boyce & Hart! This film is a great documentary about their exploits.

My mind is on fire with hearing the incredibly positive response from radio folks about my forthcoming album. I feel like I have a Ferrari in the garage and I’m not allowed to drive it yet! However, in the midst all of this joy came a deeply sad shock to us all with the passing of Robin Williams. I went to the Improv, a comedy club in Hollywood in the 1980s, and witnessed the most brilliant improvisations I have ever seen from a comedian. His rapid-fire, accelerated imagination flying from thought to thought… pop culture, politics, the human dilemma, sex, drugs and laughs. Laughter of acknowledgement, familiar laughter. Entertainment of the highest order. The man whom I witnessed transcend the word “comedy” died yesterday, but his legacy will live forever. The gods are crying with laughter. 

I love you guys and wish you well. Life is far too short… let’s love one another. Big kisses to all!

Your humble servant,

In case you don’t have SiriusXM Radio yet, here’s a taste of The Michael Des Barres program in The Underground Garage. It’s a segment called “At the Crossroads with MDB” where I talk about superlative albums and extraordinary events that have shaped our musical history. Last week I spoke about The Doors first album… Click here to watch!
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