A love letter from Michael Des Barres… August 17, 2014
Competition is a bad word. I didn’t become an artist as a de facto test on whether I won something or not. I don’t want to win, I want to entertain, to make you laugh, dance, cry… to feel something in this numb world. I want to wake up and know that Simon Cowell and his ilk have no domain over me, nor do critics or negativity of any kind.
Some of the greatest musical moments I’ve ever experienced have been in small, half-empty bars… musicians busking on the street or in a stranger’s living room. If you seek everyone’s approval, your dreams will be dashed in an instant! As long as you get off — that’s what’s important. Learn, listen and practice discipline. This is what I do every spare second that I have. It’s not hard work, it’s a wondrous gift. Share it!
I wish I had a fleet of helicopters to pick up those threatened souls on mountaintops. All I can do is love you and play music for you and fight the fight with a frequency of compassion. Weapons of mass creation.
Much love from the trenches of rock n roll… peace in action.
AmeriCAN’T Idol
Linda Perry as Blue Stone
Sara Gilbert as Wendy
MDB as Deacon Cockfoster
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