A love letter from Michael Des Barres… August 24, 2014
Depression is not a choice. Suicide is not something you consider. Sadness, sensitivity, and dealing with the ever-growing brutality and barbarism of this mad world that gets madder and madder is what we face every day. I’m surprised that people are not leaping off buildings like during the great depression that the United States experienced. Not just individuals, but as a nation, we came out of that and will come out of this… but only if we unite.Having compassion will not leave a wound. Serving humanity will not take a toll. It will save your soul. Having compassion for your neighbor is the only way to survive the oncoming armageddon of our own making. Fighting fire with fire will end with everyone burning. I do not believe that this will happen. I believe that we will come to the brink of disaster. We will hold the reins of the four horses and jump over that abyss and embrace each other. Our souls have no expiration date.

Any bad vibes are a vehicle for me to promote peace and understanding. Are we not tired of preconceived ideas and contempt prior to investigation? The absurd statements from those who have a tiny platform on which they stand and pontificate their biased and elitist views have to be seen in context.. Our technological culture offers us so many areas in which anyone can communicate their feelings. That is a wonderful and democratic thing. In and amongst all of these comments there is both great insight and great foolishness. Let’s be righteous my brothers and sisters. The meek will not inherit the earth… strength is love. Make up your own mind, but most importantly make up your own soul… and share it..

Peace in action.


Breakfast in the Backyard

a little video I shot just for you…

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