A love letter from Michael Des Barres… August 31, 2014


One thing I do know, my friends, is that you canplease all the people all the time… even if they don’t know it! In my experience, if you feel you’re doing the right thing, it is the right thing. Doubt becomes our biggest obstacle. It seems that all of my biggest problems and confusion have come from not trusting that everything is cool in this magnificent complicated universe we are floating around in.Speaking of the stars and the low fat Milky Way, my new album is called The Key to the Universe. I’m anticipating the obvious question: “Hey Michael, what is the key?” and of course the answer varies from second to second. My first response on a rock ‘n roll level is… “E major!” The metaphysical answer is, “you loving me as much as I love you.”

People often ask me what I’m thinking, and my response is, “I try not to think as much as possible,” since thinking is my second biggest enemy! Working it out, justifying it, condemning it… this creates world War III in my head!

The enemy of course is ignorance and intolerance. The fearful, combative stance of the frightened soldier, not seeing what is real, but seeing who you think the person is. Love is looking beyond the veil. Love is a feeling, not a choice. So raise your voices and sing out, “Life is Always Right.” Pain is the resistance of what is… nothing more true has ever been spoken.

Square pegs and round holes cannot exist together. Everything must fit. So let’s all fit together like a rock ‘n roll jig saw puzzle! Much love to The brilliant children of the universe!!


CLICK HERE to watch “Life is Always Right” by Michael Des Barres. The song is exclusive to iTunes with the profits going to support the David Lynch Foundation programs.
CLICK HERE to watch a video message conveying my deepest gratitude for all of your support as we recently lost our beloved cat, Max.
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