A love letter from Michael Des Barres… September 15, 2014
Brothers and sisters, it’s been an amazingly hot week in California. It’s been like a Hollywood sweat lodge. I do not, however, get my revelations from a Hollywood sweat lodge! I get my revelations from you guys.I don’t want this to sound like some corny tree hugging chat, but in fact, during my infancy, my dear mother went a little crazy for a while… and informed me one day that a tree was indeed my father. So, at her insistence, I hugged my new dad. Mental illness is unexplored territory. There are many men and women dedicated to making our lives peaceful, tranquil and productive. What we need is more awareness that they exist, willing and waiting to help.

All of us experience those dark shadows that come upon us at

3am… imagine feeling that way 24/7.

I’m speaking to those who suffer in this way and are misrepresented, misinterpreted and abused because of it. They find themselves on the streets talking to themselves. I have had many conversations with them because I know that I am one breath away from it myself.
In a sense we all are. This is why I constantly talk about embracing each other. It is easy to love the lovable, and not so easy to love the unlovable… and yet that’s where true compassion lies.

Of course, being a little crazy allows one to express oneself in imaginative ways, but to really own that craziness and make it beautiful and create magnificent songs, books, paintings movies, lives… that is something else.

Much love and respect to those who courageously seek help and share their feelings. I’m MDB

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