A love letter from Michael Des Barres… September 22, 2014
In small towns and big cities there is a young guy and a young girl playing guitar, listening to the great traditionalists of rock, blues and country music. Reinterpreting them. Learning from them. Living with them. Creating new emotional experiences. Struggling to find words that mean something. Words that tell the truth. Words that seduce, aggravate, and celebrate the majesty, mystery and fire of life.The flames of

love burn bright, as bright as the art of rock n’ roll burns. The naysayers are tired. They watch TV and long for the glory days of their youth… “forever young” as Dylan said.

Self expression is a gift from the artist to you… and to themselves. Most of all, music sings, music transcends “holy” wars, political hipocrisy, corporate greed, fear and doubt. Music heals, soothes, excites. A lifestyle within which you dance with a partner who can predict your every move.

So do not be dismayed, brothers and sisters. Pick up that instrument. Caress it, fight it, kiss it. It will save your soul and mine. Regenerate, and congregate in the Electric Church MDB

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