A love letter from Michael Des Barres… September 29, 2014
I think we all feel alone sometimes, even if we do have a family and somebody that loves us. from time to time we feel no one understands us. the important thing for all of us to realize is the only person that you should concern yourself about understanding you, is you!

All this talk of being able to trust someone is absolutely true, but the truest thing I ever heard was, “Do I trust myself? Trust myself to do the right thing under any conditions?”  Unconditional love is the love and trust we have for ourselves. This is not egoic or narcissistic . This is the real truth, the real truth. The real truth being… how much do you trust yourself?

We are tested every day as to the answer to that question. When we do the right thing, it’s rejuvenating. The right thing is the answer to longevity and a happy life. Doing what we know to be the wrong thing is to experience a quick and painful demise into the abyss of lies and deceit.  We don’t want that, do we my dear friends? No, of course not. The ultimate joy is looking in the eyes of someone who recognizes trust and trusts you!!!

xxx MDB

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