Trust your instincts, of course. Immediate reaction, however, usually results in a drama that will unfold with either dire consequences or thundering applause. Either way, the risk is gigantic. So take a breath before that reaction.Instinct? Yes.  Objectivity? Yes! Respond with a new formula of emotional behavior. Natural animalistic response is wonderful in many ways because it requires no thought.

As an artist, learning the discipline that enables one to let go of the technique and simply let things happen produces results that are beautiful, informative and compassionate. It’s the same in life and relationships. To live one’s life without judgment, without condemnation, and especially without justification is one of the keys that will open the many doors to the mansion, the magnificence of peace and freedom.

If we live life based on what could or should have happened, we will find no peace at all. If we live our lives knowing that what is happening, is happening, we’ve got a shot at transcending make-believe. Dreams are answers, not questions. Hope is futuristic, abstract. Faith is everything… as you are MDB
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