Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? There comes a time when this realization that manifests. That time is here. Yes, we have finally have arrived at that moment where we must either stand for something or fall over.If we see corruptive predatory behavior that is unacceptable, to not declare that is to be complicit in that weapon of mass destruction. Non-involvement is violence. It is very obvious that nations are now corporations, and we are governed by their economic decisions. This is opposite of the greater good. The powerful get more powerful, the rich get richer, and the people suffer at the hands of greed and fear. Looking the other way, ignoring these facts encourages the world to become more and more divided. A change can only begin with service to our neighbors and communities. This is of paramount importance. Ignoring the brothers and sisters who need our help is unacceptable.

Another way of fighting the war on corruption is to be healthy. Eat right and exercise. The discipline required will change your life… and a change is coming! Sam Cooke was right.

Righteousness is the lifeblood of revolution. It is not standing on the battlements and waving a flag. This is not some armed struggle, the struggle is psychological disarmament. Our greatest weapon, where the battle will be won, is in our souls, and the compassion and forgiveness required of us can and and will change the mad axis that this dangerous world is spinning MDB
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Reach out your hands… hold someone and be held. People are longing to help and to be helped.
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