Religions are created to guarantee you salvation. The price paid for this redemption is placed on the donation plate. Well, we need to lay a new table, a table free of prejudice. A table that is laden with the fruits of the soul. Man has allowed himself and herself to be seduced by candles, robes, pomp, circumstance and greed. The promise of eternal life spent with either angels or virgins. The congregation provides the currency that runs a spiritual belief, and we worship a being who in seven days created the world. I’ve certainly been in bands that have been created in seven days, but I believe the world is our own creation. Human beings are being told to kill in the name of their God. You and I and everyone we know, everyone we meet or have ever met is God. The unification of all our higher selves is divine. We share this glorious title together, as we share the universe. A family of stars, free of combative congregations and free from the servitude of salvation. Now is the time to come together! Free of dogma, free of the bondage of self, free from spiritual exploitation. Free!!

xxx MDB

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