A love letter from Michael Des Barres… November 3, 2014
My dear friends and addicts, there are many drugs in the vocabulary of addiction. Emotional addictions, fear, greed, self-esteem and lack of confidence. All of us at some time have suffered from these most potent of drugs. We wouldn’t be human if doubt didn’t creep in to our beautiful souls. I am here to tell you, after decades of wrestling with demons of all kinds, that it is not a fight! Surrender is not losing control.

The most important lesson that I have been blessed with is knowing that we are all the same. Equality is bandied about by various organizations, and it is the most important thing in our culture. But we as individuals must claim and own the awareness of individuality. Individuality is like a fingerprint. There is no one like you who will leave evidence at the crime scene of love!

I believe that in this troubled world we must cling to our uniqueness. But most of all, we must know that individuality can exist within the tribe. The tribe is the organism that can create an individual life within. It’s like a good marriage, a good relationship. You guys work together spiritually and emotionally, but remain yourselves. This is the task. This is the great quest, not fame. My ambition has mutated into a spiritual one. I’m downsizing my negative energy and upgrading a positive, compassionate outlook that encompasses all of these things and more. There are many colors in the palette of the soul, so grab that paint brush and start painting great beauty and love on the canvas of life.

xxx MDB

Jillian from New York sent in a great question for Ask MDB. She asked, “Michael, why do sex symbols always seem to lead such tragic sex lives?” Check out the video to hear my answer, and I look forward to yourquestions at!
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