MDB and GabrielBlogger Richard Stellar has been nominated by the Los Angeles Press Club in the “2014 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards – Best Blog” category for an article he wrote for TheWrap about Michael Des Barres’ interview earlier this year with actor Gabriel Byrne. Stellar has followed Des Barres’ career closely, and told us why he was particularly moved by this interview:

“Very few interviewers are good listeners. All too often they can’t wait for their guest to finish a sentence so they can blurt out their next thought. I’ve always been bothered by that. It takes a good listener to be a good talker. I heard Michael Des Barre’s interview with Gabriel Byrne and I couldn’t believe what he was pulling out of Byrne’s soul. It was a cathartic conversation, not an interview. It revealed layers to a person whose depth had not really been displayed in this way. I was fascinated by Gabriel Byrne for reasons that were not about his screen presence – and in that fascination I recognized that Des Barres was more ‘spirit-guide’ than ‘interviewer’. He elevated interviewing to an art form, and I’ve seen him do it again and again.”

Richard Stellar is already a previous winner of the Los Angeles Press Club’s Best Blog Award and a Southern California Journalism Award for his Hollyblogs. He’s also won an award for the Facebook group that helped to muscle the salvation of long-term care for the motion picture and television industry. Stellar’s “vituperative blog on TheWrap’” (Vanity Fair) has caused great discomfort to those culpable in the aborted mission to deny long term and acute care to motion picture industry elderly.

Shifting the focus to psychoactive doping abuse in the elderly, Stellar continues to fight for the rights of the elderly while maintaining a strong and award-winning social networking presence.  Stellar lives in Woodland Hills, a stone’s throw from the Motion Picture Home with his wife of 27 years, two dogs and a 1965 Epiphone Casino.

Click to read Stellar’s full article “The Art of the Interview: Gabriel Byrne puts the ire back in Ireland,” and watch the full interview below.

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