I have always loved the word Samaritan. It has such flair… it’s like a metaphysical buccaneer, a pirate on a golden galleon sailing the seas of the soul. Yes, of course, love your neighbor. Picking a man or a woman up off the floor, putting them on your back and striding out of trouble. Makes you feel good just thinking about it, doesn’t it? When we care for someone, we are caring for ourselves. Give aid to the infirm and confused. A rock ‘n roll salvation. Peace in action! Tranquility is fierce! Calm is cool, and karma unavoidable.

Even if you need help, seek to give help… for it is the very act of compassion and kindness that heals your wounds, miraculously, like some futuristic, medical, metaphysical technology. Physician heal thy self! Lover love thyself.

In conclusion, you don’t need to read a self-help book to help yourself! Helpful but academic… write one instead! Write it in the sky in big bold letters,”I am here for you!”

xxx MDB

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