I don’t feel like an infidel. I believe the word means nonbeliever, and I believe in love. I don’t believe in hurting, so I cringe when a cricket comes into my bedroom. I always let it be… it’s the only time I ever cringe in the bedroom! So to be spiritually targeted as an infidel, someone who needs to be eradicated from this beautiful planet now threatened with this bleak, black madness, is insanity.

Ambivalence about peace, love, and understanding, is what should be eradicated. We need to embrace the concept of love, forgiveness and compassion, now more than ever.

The media is filled with fear, which seems to be very commercial nowadays. Fear attracts people like flies to you know what. We are not flies, but we do have wings and we must fly above this barbarism.

If you fight fire with fire you will get burned. It is our souls which must be on fire, sending positive energy to negate the great madness that surrounds us.

My boots will never be on the ground.

xxx MDB

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