Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 7.07.14 PMPost-Thanksgiving, I realize that there are no institutions, no political leaders, no cultural figures that I want to thank. Instead, I think of my immediate circle of friends, my family and acquaintances. I even feel more grateful to strangers for their acts of kindness, grateful for folks I don’t even know. The lesson here, for me, has been to simply have no expectations of being treated how you think you should to be treated. One is treated however the world decides to treat you! There is no should or could in this arrangement.When was the last time you wrote your congressman and thanked him? When was the last time you called a political leader and thanked him for their incredible commitment to your well-being? Not lately, I would imagine.I find myself instead thanking the spiritual world, the metaphysical world. I am grateful to frequencies and the energy of the universe rather than institutions, and I am so grateful  for the people who reflect me, who teach me and tell me, who remind me of who I am. And to all of you who do that for someone else… you are, de-facto, doing it for yourself. We are all the same. We share the same secrets.Thank you.

xxx MDB

Here’s looking at you…
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