4f401363-b1d6-4b28-80f5-e511602561de“Full disclosure.” “Transparency.” “The American people have a right to know the truth.” These wonderful politically correct words and phrases are meaningless. Secrets are currency, lies are a matter of course and “law” is a word that has taken on a whole new meaning. “The greater good”… what on earth does that mean?It seems the greater good is the lesser of two evils. One evil is a dictatorship and the other evil is the corruption of the truth in order to support a system that is riddled with rust, it’s cogs worn down. In other words, this machine has stopped working. We are clearly overdue for a service on this particular vehicle. All that said, I fully understand this is the vehicle we have. I’m not suggesting some alien race is going to give us a new one; this new vehicle must come from us, and it must come from within. There will be no revolution with guns. Our only weapon, the only force that we must use, is a consciousness. A communal consciousness negates the need for deception, be it democratic or republican, black or white. Sometimes I feel like we are children in a playground, like supervised workers in a field, like combatants in a rigged lightweight championship bout. In other words, under invisible control. Our leaders, the institutions that we used to trust, hurt the most. Therefore my friends, change is inevitable. You and I together will clear the haze, the purple haze of a world gone sideways, filled with good intentions lost because of fear and greed. Equality, self respect and compassion will bring freedom and peace. Much love, brothers and sisters.

xxx MDB

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