c0e80714-5559-465f-b244-236541101284I’m sure that last week has brought out all the different personalities that dwell within… some loving and kind, and some serial  killers! I know that for me, this holiday has been like a vacation on a tropical island in space, or a cacophonous cabin in Alaska. In short, a daunting departure from the norm (whatever that is).
Well boogie chillun… we are back!

Now what?

I find when I am the most free from judgement and expectation, even the mundane becomes new. Traveling down the same path becomes a new path. If I suspend all prejudicial experience, I can view everything from a different angle. It comes into focus when I suspend the result.

Enthusiasm is often viewed as childish. Happiness seems impossible to the bohemian, melancholy intellectual. Well, Stephen Hawking is smiling… as are Buddha and Elvis! The new cool is simply the old fool who realizes he does not have to turn up his collar and dangle cynicism and a cigarette in our faces.

All is new and engaging if you want it to be. Of this, I am certain. As certain as a cloud. As certain as a 19th nervous breakthrough. As certain as I am that there is only you and me… and that’s enough!

xxx MDB



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