aba5c051-9955-471e-80bf-211b0fcc266cIt suddenly occurs to me that it is very important for us realize that there is no rush! Normally we consider rushing to be important. “Get it done! Do it now! No time to waste!” – all fables. These sentences construct a contradiction.The tempo and rhythm of your life must be filled every second with intensity and relaxation. If one feels the need for a rush, pop some amyl nitrate… or not!! My point is this: take your time and everything will be in perfect time.

Trust your instinct. Spontaneity and experience does not require strategy, planning, calculation or manipulation. Have a real life in real time… natural, magical adrenaline.

The speed of sound… the sound of speed… you and me is all we need.

xxx MDB

Taking a selfie with a bagpiper…?
Enough with the parties!!
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